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Video Comments

This is my second and final year, can't wait to finish up my school year with ECOT :3 awyiss
I want to said ecotoh is the best online school in Ohio, the other online school is not that good like K12. K12 have no good teacher, no guide line, and no sense of helping there student. ECOTOH is the best, I ben in ecotoh for 4 years and I love it. you can work in your own paste, teacher's are wonderful and so much more. I am 11 grade and I am doing well in school now. when I was in regular school I was just worry about bully in school, I get bully a lot in regular school. that is one of the r...
I was in the photo booth with D! I had the huge red dress!!! That prom was amazing!!!!
Love this video!! You can see my huge fluffy red dress!! haha
I didn't know that Ecot had so many students! good for you guys great job!!!!!!


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