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Video Comments

Way to Go!!!! Congrats on the One’s who finished in all the way to the End? CONGRATUIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!! WHOHOOOOWWWW Awesome job you a Guys! ☻☺☻[/b]
Amazing Cant Wait when I get to go to prom ♥
making this commercial was so special. thank you ecot for saving my life
the storm will be hard and bad but after the storm there is a rainbow the sighn of hope you go girl! There will always be hope for you after the bad days!
lol that was soooo cool I wish I could do that *me in slow motion with music playing* bwa da da da nwa ba ba bwa lol dat would be epic
It's funny when the people didn't know anything about hocky....but I don't know anything about hockey either


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