Update 2/7/2018: All files for students enrolled at the time of ECOT’s suspension have been delivered to the local districts.

  1. What is ECOT’s status when it comes to getting files to the districts?

    ECOT is in the process of pulling the files now. Semester 1/quarter 2 grades are due Thursday so we are still in the process of adding data to the files.

  2. How are the files being prioritized and what is the anticipated date(s) of transfer?

    Files for all enrolled student will be delivered to districts by the end of the day Tuesday, January 30th. The delivering staff member will call the district office with an estimated delivery time to confirm someone will be there to accept the files.

  3. How are each districts’ files being logged as the Sponsor is required to sign off?

    Each district will be provided a document with the names and SSIDs of all files being delivered. Upon delivery, ECOT will have a school official from the district sign and date when accepting the files. The sponsor (and Master if in place) will receive copies.

  4. How will the files be organized?

    All files will be sorted alphabetically.

  5. Will the files contain records for prior years?

    All records that we have on the student for all years will be delivered.

  6. What will the files include?

    All paper files are being delivered along with digital files for items necessary to educate students but not required in the cumulative file. (i.e. RIMPS, RtI documents, CCP or counseling notes)

  7. How will the return of the students’ official records be handled? Do they have points of contact available?

    These are the originals that are going out. The ECOT records department number will remain staffed but the records will be with the district.

  8. Do they know the number of records that will need to be returned?

    This week we are doing the 12,000+ active files. The Master discussed with the school that non-active student files will be addressed at a later time.

  9. Please provide the parent letters indicating where the records are being and verification of this being sent.

    This letter was already emailed to ESCLEW last week.

  10. Did ECOT graduate any students mid-year?

    Yes, we are still working to verify the students have successfully completed requirements.

  11. Has ECOT documented in the official student records any additional graduation criteria that have been met to meet the additional options in HB 49?

    If the counselors found any students who qualify the information, it will be in the digital file. Schools can also call to talk to a senior counselor for clarification as long as they are on staff. After that, a school administrator could provide assistance.

  12. Updated: 2/23/2018 How will the return of computers be handled?

    The court has ordered that all equipment be abandoned due to the cost of recovery. Therefore, you may do whatever you see fit with your computer, laptops, tablets, and related educational equipment. Whatever equipment you have in your possession will not be collected by ECOT.

  13. How can I contact the sponsor, the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, for additional information if needed?

    Please use their main number at 419-246-3137 or toll free at 866-303-6260.